Monday, December 7, 2009

{Blog Swap with Evie Adventures....}

Evie is so excited to be visiting Crafts and Deals today! She and her Mommy love finding great craft ideas on this site!!

The idea for Evie Adventures began over a year ago when Evie and her Mommy had a hard time getting out of the house. Have you been there? You need to get out of the house (for your sanity) but can't think of where to go...or you want to do something fun with your kids but don't want/need to spend any money! Evie's Mommy dealt with these exact issues! She spent several hours searching online for "things to do with kids" or "activities for stay at home moms". She was looking for the magical website but unfortunately never found it! Finally, with Evie's help, her Mom decided she would create the website she so desperately wanted to find.

Evie grabs her detective hat and magnifying glass, and heads out on her weekly adventures! After each adventure, she reports back her findings! Some adventures are so much fun, Evie wants to keep doing them week after week!!

Here are some of Evie's FAVORITE adventures:

Evie Discovers Story Time

Check your local Barnes and Noble or Borders Book Store. Most locations offer story time once a week - some even have free crafts or snacks! This has become a part of Evie's weekly schedule. She and her Mommy have met new friends who they meet for play dates outside of story time!

The story teller read "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs" then had all of the supplies for the kids to make these cute paper hats! Of course, the hat wouldn't be complete without strings of spaghetti and colored meatballs!!

Evie Discovers Thanksgiving Place Mats

Evie can sometimes be a messy eater so this was the perfect craft for her! Her mommy was super excited when she realized they already had all of the supplies at their house!

  • Construction Paper
  • Markets
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Wax Paper

Evie made a Thanksgiving turkey by tracing her hand for the turkey body and colorful feathers

Who would have known that 2 sheets of wax paper will hold together when ironed?!

Now Evie was ready for a big, messy Thanksgiving meal!
Although Thanksgiving has already passed, this is a great craft for anytime of the year!

Evie Discovers Paint Your Own Pottery - with a Christmas Twist

Evie can't wait for Christmas! She will be visiting Santa soon for pictures and to tell him what she wants for Christmas. But what else does she need to do to prepare for Santa's arrival?? Of course, she needs to get Santa his very own cookie plate!

Evie headed over to a paint your own pottery studio near her house to decorate a plate for Santa. Here is Evie's finished plate - she had to leave it at the studio to have them fire it. She can't wait to pick it up next week!

So, how much does it cost? You will pay for the piece of pottery you choose. They usually have the price tags on the back. To give you an idea, the small plates were about $12 - $14. The Christmas plate with Santa's head was $20. You also have to pay a painting fee for all of the supplies. This is about $3 - $6. If you want to have your own pottery adventure but want to save some money, try painting an ornament! They had a huge selection and those would cost a lot less.

Google "paint your own pottery" and your zip code to find a studio near you!!

Evie wants to thank Crafts and Deals for allowing her to stop by the blog! Be sure to check Evie Adventures each week to see her newest adventure!!



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