Monday, December 21, 2009

{Secret Gift...}

I featured this idea on CurlyQ Crafts the other day but thought I would share it again.....
Here is a fun, simple and cheap gift idea you could give to anyone...
I call it the secret is how it works.

You do a secret kind thing for someone in your family and leave the gift for them. When they find it they have 24 hours to give the gift away to someone else by doing a kind deed for them.

{This is what the tag says:}

This Christmas gift is a special one you see

It's been left for you secretly

It's not a gift that can be bought at the store

It's a gift that means so much more.

24 hours is all you have to give this gift away

Do a kind deed for someone without them knowing

Leave this present behind to keep the secret gift going.

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